Conceived as a global and evolving art project ______INSTITUT DES IDEES ACTIVES is an exchange platform for ideas, a place devoted to multidisciplinary artistic experimentation
One of the purposes is to stimulate collaboration between creative minds, to explore new dimensions and to contribute to a better world The laboratory promotes resulting projects, including the editing and sale of the works of art thus produced. 10 % of those sales is donated to NGO’s
All forms of art are explored art installation photography art video sculpture, art design_ _ with emerging technology
Cross-disciplinary collaborations are encouraged Artists looking for new artistic experiments are invited to bring their own vision from a given concept The reflection process is free
______INSTITUT DES IDEES ACTIVES is a passageway, an entity with multiple components unified by a collective ambition
photography / art video _ Bergson’s sugar 2min34 @ Benoit Pailley
info@institutdesideesactives.com  Virginia Naegelin _ Christine Jardin ______INSTITUT DES IDEES ACTIVES Laboratory of ideas and artistic experimentation